Referral codes, sharing the love!

13 May 2019

There are a few great services I’ve been using a lot, and sharing with friends and colleagues. So I thought I’d post my referral links here too, so you check them out and benefit from my referral links!

Here are my codes:


The first service I’d like to recommend is Monzo. Monzo is a great banking app (currently only in the UK) that gives you instant spending updates, budget tracking, free currency exchange abroad and much more!

Find out more about Monzo here.

Here is my referral link:

If you use my link, we both get £5!


Curve is a card aggregator, you sign up and get sent a Curve Card in the post (they have metal cards now too!), and once you have that card, inside the app you can add all your other cards similar to Google/Apple Pay and then pick one for your Curve Card to use. So you only ever need to carry one card from now on!

Find out more about Curve here.

Here is my referral code:


We both get £5 if you use it when signing up!

American Express

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Amex, they’re a credit card provider. I have the UK American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card. This offers many different beneifts, like two free airport lounge visits per year, plus hotel credits and more. The best bit is earning all the points from spending!

Find out more about Amex here.

Here is my referral link (for United Kingdom only):

If you use the link, you will receive 12,000 points (worth over £60!) and I will receive 6,000. (Note: if you don’t want the Gold card, you can scroll down and pick another while still benefiting from the referral bonus)


Nutmeg is an online investment platform, they pick stocks and shares on your behalf based on your risk profile and take a cut of the profits. I’ve earned a lot more investing with Nutmeg than I would of if I put cash in the bank! (Obviously your capital is at risk).

Find out more about Nutmeg here.

Here is my referral link:

You get 3 months free by signing up with the link, and I get £25.