OnePlus 2 RMA Experience

05 Mar 2016

I have had a OnePlus device since the very early days of the OnePlus One, after someone online kindly shared an invite with me. I've read many blog posts stating how bad the OnePlus support team are, apparently asking everyone to 'flash Oxygen OS' as if it could fix anything!

I have never needed to contact OnePlus. Though I did experience the 'yellow band' issue on my OnePlus One, it went away very quickly after the glue had time to set.

However, two weeks ago the home button on my OnePlus 2 stopped working. I read online that it could be a software issue, and that a reboot could fix it (at least temporarily). I tried everything, but it was completely dead, along with the fingerprint sensor. I used the on screen buttons for a few days in hope that it may come back, but it did not, so I contacted OnePlus on the 20th February.

Alex from the Support Team responded to my message after two hours, asking me to wipe the cache. I gave it a try, to no avail. Minutes after sending an update message to Alex, he copied in the OnePlus RRR (Return, Repair and Replacement) Team who the asked me to confirm my shipping details, and booked a courier to collect my device the next day.

My OnePlus 2 was collected on the 23rd February and sent off to a repair centre in Germany. After exactly a week later, and just four working days, on the 1st March, I received my device. The outer casing had a very small dent when I shipped it off, but my phone had come back in perfect condition, it was almost like a brand new device!

The home button is now functioning correctly, and I am very happy with the service I received from the company. So don't listen to all the complaints you read, they really aren't too bad after all.

Lewis Lebentz