How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro

22 Feb 2016

Recently I came across a strange issue when attempting to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro edition. I had purchased a laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 10 Home, and to be ready for our office environment, I needed to upgrade to Pro.

I had a Windows 10 Pro license, and a disk with the image on it. However, even after deleting all of the partitions, Windows 10 Home kept coming back!

I tried changing the Product Key to the Pro one, but just received this error code: 0xc004f014 which wasn't helpful at all.

Eventually, I discovered that before entering the Pro key, you have to enter the 'default' Windows 10 Pro key. This then forces the upgrade, but will not activate your system.

To change your Product Key go to the following location:

Settings > System > About > Change Product Key or Upgrade Your Edition Of Windows > Change Product Key

Once there, enter the below Product Key:


Your machine will now update to Pro. Once complete, restart the device, and go back to the above location. You should now see the version has changed to Pro!

Enter a valid Windows 10 Pro key by clicking Change Product Key once more, and you should be good to go.

(Thanks to Charles from Microsoft for the key)

Lewis Lebentz