Free things (online) for students

17 May 2015

If you are a student, you may not be aware just how much you can get with your .edu or email address. As well as discounts in shops using UNiDAYS and NUS there are many places online that also provide special offers for students. Take advantage of them while you can!

Amazon Prime

All students get 6 months of Amazon Prime for free (Excluding Instant Video)! Who could say no to free next day delivery? Once the trial has ended, you then have the opportunity to purchase Prime at half price.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub have created a large collection of sites and services offering free products and credit for students. Once you have been confirmed as a student you will have access to:

GitHub - online project hosting, using git (micro plan (normally $7/month whilst you are a student)

Namecheap - free .me domain for one year (normally $8/year); free SSL certificate for one year (normally $9/year)

Atom - a hackable text editor

Bitnami - cloud application deployment (business 3 plan (normally $49/month) for one year)

CrowdFlower - data enrichment, data mining and crowdsourcing platform

DigitalOcean - cloud hosting ($100 free credit!)

DNSimple - simple DNS management (bronze plan (normally $3/month) for two years)

HackHands - online mentorship, live programming help ($25 credit)

VisualStudio - suite of Microsoft development tools

Orchestrate - database API platform (developer account (normally $49/month) whilst you are a student)

SendGrid - email delivery and management service 15K free emails/month (normally 200/month)

Stripe - web and mobile payments platform, waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue

Travis CI - code testing and deployment (normally $69/month, free whilst you are a student)

Unreal Engine - game development suite (free whilst you are a student)

Register for the GitHub student pack here!

Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft provide all students with free software including most versions of Windows (8.1/8/7) and even Windows Server (2012R2, 2008 etc.!) just sign up, via your University and once confirmed you will be given download links and license keys for everything.


Tableau software helps you understand data, it is widely used for Business Intelligence and Analytics, great to add on your CV! They provide students with a free one year license.


Online chart and diagram creator. Free Pro account for students!


This one requires an NUS or UNiDAYS account, but is one of the best deals you can get, 50% off Spotify Premium!


If you know of any good student deals that I've missed, please let me know if the comments!


Lewis Lebentz